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Our beloved scholars conduct research in almost every field, and seek to expand human knowledge through analysis, innovation, and insight.

Researchers include faculty members, visiting scholars, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students, and they collaborate with colleagues across the university, at affiliated institutions, and at other research institutions.



1.New born Screening for Congenital Hypothyroidism and evaluating the therapeutic intervention effects and outcome in infants with congenital hypothyroidism in tertiary care hospital.Dr.R.K.Viswanathan, MD (Pae)
2.A study on QTc prolongation in association with serum electrolytes and it’s correlation with severity of chronic kidney disease.Dr.V.Kanchana, MD D.M Mathangi Murali III MBBS Student
3.A Randomized, Double Blind, Three-arm, Placebo Controlled, Parallel Design, Multi-Center, Clinical Endpoint Bioequivalence study of Ketoconazole Shampoo 2% (Test Product) compared with Ketoconazole shampoo 2% (Reference Product) In Adult Subjects with Tinea Versicolor.Dr.R.Rajesh, MD Dr.V.Mohankumar, MD Dr.K.Revathi, MD Dr.K.G.Srinivasaghan, DD Dr.B.R.Balamurugan, DD
4.Prevalence and Factors Associated with Burnout among Undergraduate Medical & Paramedical Students in Tamilnadu.Mr.P.Panneerselvam, M.Sc, Dr.P.V.Saraswathi, MD, Dr.V.Suganthi, MD Dr.G.Sasikala, Ph.D(N) Mrs. S.Janani, MPT
5.Spectrum of Gastro Intestinal ObstructionDr.Yaser Arafat, MBBS, P.G. Student Dr.Sendhil Sengodan, MS
Dr.S.Senthil Kumar, MS
6.A Clinical Study on Efficacy of Quilting sutures in Modified Radical Mastectomy and its Outcome.Dr.Saparaya G.Prem, MBBS,
P.G. Student Dr.S.Senthilkumar, MS
7.Comparison of prognosis in patients with perforative peritonitis – Early VS Late presentation and its intervention.Dr.A.Casmier Leeth, MBBS,
P.G. Student Dr.S.Senthilkumar, MS
8.Prevalence of contact dermatitis and significance of patch testing in Hand and Foot Eczema.Dr.Hareesh kumar Dasar, MBBS,
P.G. Student
Dr. V.Mohankumar, MD Dr.K.Revathi, MD
9.A cross-sectional study of dermatoses among pregnant women in tertiary rural referral centre.Dr.D.Devi, MBBS,P.G. Student Dr.R.Rajesh, MD Dr.K.G.Srinivasaghan, DD
10Pattern of common allergens in occupational contact dermatitis by using Patch test in an industrial hub.Dr.K.Revathi, MD Dr.R.Rajesh, MD
11A Prospective study of Prevalence of malignancy in solitary nodule of thyroid.Dr.T.Senthilraj, MS Dr.M.Arunprabhu, MS Dr.S.Senthilkumar, MS,.
Mr. Sooraj. N III MBBS Student
Mr. Sivsankar. S III MBBS Student
12A study on the contributing factors on the surgical site infection in post –operative patients in both elective & Emergency casesDr.G.Jaisuriya, MBBS, P.G. Student Dr.P.Sumathira, MS Dr.S.Senthilkumar, MS
13Cadaveric study of evaluation of available proximal extent of the approach for posterior application of plate osteosynthesis for fractures of the distal end of TibiaDr.N.Karthikeyan, MS, Dr.B.Manimaran, MS,
Dr. S.Mohamed Azeem M.S
14Cadaveric study of evaluation of relationship between the clavicle and subclavian vessels in different positions of the patient and the shoulder.Dr.N.Karthikeyan, MS,
Dr. S.Mohamed Azeem M.S
15Cadaveric study of evaluation of available distal extent of the approach for application of plate osteosynthesis for fractures of the postero lateral condyle of TibiaDr.N.Karthikeyan, MS,
Dr. S.Mohamed Azeem M.S Dr.B.Manimaran, MS,
16Comparison of hyperbaric racemic bupivacaine with hyperbaric levobupivacaine in spinal anaesthesia for elective lower abdominal surgeries – A
prospective randomized double blinded study.
Dr. S. Suganya, MD, DA, Dr. P.S. Rajeshwari MD.,
17Comparative evaluation of post operative analgesia using 0.5% bupivacaine and 0.5% ropivacaine in ultrasound guided superficial cervical plexus block prior to general anaesthesia for patients undergoing thyroid surgeries – A prospective randomized double blinded study.Dr. P.S. Rajeswari MD., Dr. S. Suganya, MD, DA,
18Comparison of wrist and forehead measurements as screening methods during the covid-19 pandemicDr. V. Kanchana, MD, D.M
Miss. Manthangi Murali, MBBS Student Mr. Sanathanan.N.RS. MBBS Student
19Chronic alcohol use and peripheral NeuropathyDr. V. Kanchana, MD, D.M Miss.Sayyam Jain, (2017 Batch student)
Mr.Varsha Ramesh (2017 Batch
20Knowledge, Attitude, Practice Patterns of stroke awareness and care among the general public in South Indian population.Dr. V. Kanchana. MD, D.M Miss. R. Swetha (CRRI) Miss.S. Priyadharshini (CRRI)
21Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Patterns of primary care physicians in acute management of stroke.Dr. V. Kanchana, MD, D.M, Miss.S. Priyadharshini (CRRI)
22A study of Radiological findings in covid-19 patients using CT Thorax.Dr. R Saravana kumar, MD
Mr. Kavin kumar K MBBS Student Mr.Sunil Krishna A MBBS Student
Miss.Swarnaa Ramani, MBBS Student
23A study of diurnal variation of arterial oxygen saturation among pregnant females visiting tertiary care centre.Dr. R. Saravana Kumar.MD Mr.Sunil Krishna A MBBS Student
Miss.Swarnaa Ramani MBBS Student Mr.Kavin Kumar K MBBS Student
24A study of lung function in post Covid Patients in a tertiary care Hospital.Dr. R. Saravana Kumar , MD Mr.Sunil Krishna A MBBS Student
Miss.Swarnaa Ramani, MBBS Student
Mr. Kavin Kumar K MBBS Student
25A comparative study of occurrence of GERD in COPD and bronchial asthma.Dr. R. Saravana Kumar, MD
Miss. Swarnaa Ramani MBBS Student
Mr. Sunil Krishna A MBBS Student Mr. Kavin Kumar K MBBS Student
26Histopathological findings of autopsies in an tertiary care hospitalDr. G. Sharmila, MD
27To Evaluate the amount of Radiation Exposure of an Orthopedic SurgeonDr. N. Kathikeyan MS., (Ortho) Dr. S. Mohamed Azeem (Ortho)
Mr. M. Sudharshankumar (IIIrd MBBS
28A Clinical study on the efficacy of treatment of healing ulcer using autologus platelet rich plasma and its outcome.Dr. Hemachandran M.S.,
29A clinical study on enhanced recovery after surgery and its outcome.Dr. Hemachandran M.S.,
30A Clinical Study on the efficacy of Topical Diltiazem to prevent Flap Necrosis in Breast Surgeries, Ventral Hernia Repair and its outcome.Dr. Hemachandran M.S.,
31A clinical study on the efficacy of stoppa’s procedure in bilateral direct hernia with weak abdominal wall and its outcome.Dr. Hemachandran M.S.,
32A clinical study on the efficacy of lift procedure for anal fistula
In-Ano and its outcome.
Dr. Hemachandran M.S.,
33A study on prevelance of organisms grown in cultures from various samples and their
antibiotic sensitivity in GEMCH.
Dr. Hemachandran M.S.,


    • Prevalance of anemia among antenatal women during first visit in rural primary health center
    • Self-medication practices among rural population of Tamilnadu
    • Knowledge on self-care practices among known Diabetic patients attending primary care center
    • Prevalence of dyslipidemia among master health checkup beneficiaries in a rural tertiary care hospital
    • Association of obesity with dyslipidemia among master health checkup beneficiaries in a rural hospital
    • Association of diabetes with dyslipidemia among master health checkup beneficiaries in a rural hospital
    • Awareness on government maternal child health benefit schemes among women attending urban PHC
    • Gadget addiction and its impact on health and life style – a comparative study among college students in erode distri
    • Personal hygiene practices among middle school children of Perundurai – a cross sectional study
    • Sexually transmitted infection in child abuse
    • Assessment of arterial stiffness among middle aged offspring of diabetic parents
    • Environmental risk factors for child hood asthma in semiurban area of western Tamil nadu
    • Current of HIV with TB co infection in a tertiary care hospital
    • Laparoscopic versus open appendicectomy
    • A study of prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism in chronic kidney disease
    • Contact in allergies in hand eczema
    • Upper GI endoscopic features in people with GERD in rural medical college



1Prospective study of laypress for improvement of adverse drug reaction monitoring and PharmacovigilanceMr. Arbind KumarChoudharyPHARMACOLOGY
2A Prospective study to evaluate Role of plasma expander to facilitate hemodialysisMr. Arbind KumarChoudharyPHARMACOLOGY
3Factors associated with ART adherence among PLHIV visiting IRT �PMC Link ART Centre.Dr. R.RajeshSKIN & STDS
4Dermatological manifestations in PLHIV visiting IRT-PMC link ART centreDr. R.RajeshSKIN & STDS
5Magnitude and correlates andvitiligo in India Amulticentric cross sectional hospital based observational study.Dr. R.RajeshSKIN & STDS
6Comparative study of trace elements, total thiols, Nitrous oxide (NO) Antioxidants, Leptin, Adiponectin in normal and Type 2 diabetic subjects.Dr. V.N.JanakarajanBIO-CHEMISTRY
7Environmental triggers & child asthmaDr. G.MuralitharanPAEDIATRICS
8Dietary factors & asthma in childrenDr. G.MuralitharanPAEDIATRICS
9Clinical spectrum of childhood tuberculosis in TB sanatorium hospitalDr. G.Anuradha Dr. P.JayapalPAEDIATRICS
10SalbutamalVsFormeterol in acute severe asthma randomized double blind control studyDr. G.AnuradhaPAEDIATRICS
11ADHD in under five childrenDr. P.A.Vijayalakshmi Dr. P.BamaPAEDIATRICS



1Central Obesity-Risk factor Disease in driversDr.V.N.Janakarajan, Associate Professor of Biochemistry Dr.A.Celestine Raj Manohar, Professor of MedicineBIOCHEMISTRY
2Serum Trace elements in bus Drivers with obese and lean Type II diabetes mellitusDr.V.N.Janakarajan, Associate Professor of Biochemistry Dr.N.Balasubramanian, Professor & HOD of PediatricsPHARMACOLOGY
3Prevalence of overweight & Obesity in Bus Drivers and conductorsDr.A.Chandrabose, Professor &HOD of PhysiologyPHYSIOLOGY
4Prevalence of diabetes Mellitus and pre diabetes in Bus Drivers and conductorsMr.P.Pannerselvam, Assistant Professor Mr.G.Seralathan, Assistant ProfessorPHYSIOLOGY
5Role of honey as a biological dressing in diabetic foot.Dr.M.Rajendran,Professor& HOD of Surgery Dr.C.Nandagopal, Associate Professor of Surgery Dr.SenthilSengodan, Associate ProfessorSURGERY
6Incidence of H.Pylori in endoscopic study in a Rural PopulationDr.M.Rajendran,Professor& HOD of Surgery Dr.S.Senthilkumar, Associate ProfessorSURGERY
7Prevalence of varicose veins among bus conductorsDr.M.Rajendran,Professor& HOD of Surgery Dr.S.Senthilkumar, Associate ProfessorSURGERY
8Incidence of fissure, fistula & hemorrhoid in Bus driversDr.M.Rajendran, Professor &HOD of Surgery Dr.S.Senthilkumar, Associate ProfessorSURGERY
9Stress and Acid peptic disease among bus driversDr.M.Rajendran,Professor& HOD of Surgery Dr.S.Senthilkumar, Associate ProfessorSURGERY
10Study of bio-chemical markers in sleep apnea syndrome in driversDr.V.N.Janakarajan, Associate Professor of Biochemistry.ENT
11Pattern of Tuberculosis in HIV and Non-HIV childrenDR.G.Anuradha, Asst.Prof Dr.N.Balasubramanian, Professor & HOD, PaediatricsPAEDIATRICS
15Effect Vitamin D supplementation in children with childhood tuberculosis on ATTDr.N.Balasubramanian, Professor & HOD, Paediatrics DR.G.Anuradha, Asst.Prof Dr.V.Muraleedharan, Associate ProfessorPAEDIATRICS
12Changing pattern in protein Energy Malnutrition in Children.Dr.P.Bama, Tutor in paediatrics Dr.P.Jayapal, ResidentPAEDIATRICS
13Cord Vitamin D3 level and Vitamin D3 level in Breast fed baby.Dr.N.Balasubramanian, Professor & HOD, PaediatricsPAEDIATRICS
14Effect of Vitamin D supplementation in HIV children on & off ARTDr.N.Balasubramanian, Professor & HOD, PaediatricsPAEDIATRICS